In The Woods

by Canyon Collected

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Mountain Towns Written By: Oliver Adams Log cabins burned down just to save the nails Run back to bigger towns if all else fails These tiny towns tucked up in those water carved hills Will give you something more not in the shape of bills Chorus: Mountain towns are poor with women, But once were rich with gold It’s boom or bust as you keep on digging Trying to fight the cold Don’t need a tall office to find myself a view Embers arising by the fireside will do Bartender Billy, he’s your best friend too It’s whiskey and beer in that dirty old saloon Chorus: They pushed out the Navajo, Ute, and native man Fell as they fought with their righteous stands In come the fancy cars, what came to be a man, When a good rope and pistol used to rule the lad
hWhiskey 02:53
hWhiskey Written By: Jake Heidrich Leavin the bar late last night I turned left when I should have turned right I thought my ex’s house was my home I tried to put my key in the door I thought it odd it don’t fit no more Then the sirens sang and the lights did strobe Standin up there on that porch deck It had turned itself into a disco tech So I grabbed myself and struck a pose Looked like the party was coming to me But who invited all them beats the hell out of me All I knew was my moves were in the zone Was it the hw hw hwhiskey I don’t know But I can’t say no no I can’t say no Well in my head I could hear the beat So I started to moonwalk with my feet And I nailed every step along the way When I woke up laying on the ground There were policemen standing all around And they picked me up they carted me away In the back of that police car They congratulated me and said I’d be a star They told me everybody gonna know my name Sure enough next day I was on Youtube Can you believe that video got a million views Now I’m famous and hwhiskey’s to blame Was it the hw hw hwhiskey I don’t know but I can’t say no no I cant say no
Appalachian Grown Written By: Oliver Adams Cornfields as far as the eye can see Sunsets falling on oceans of trees The second you’re there time slows down Familiar faces in small hometowns Chorus: Home, we’re Appalachian grown Hills in my head, valleys in my eye These backwood bones, they drifted away You’ll find my heart, in a Green Mountain State Snowflakes falling as winter comes by Marshmallow clouds in bluebird skies Family trees where roots run deep Unspoken rules that silence keeps Chorus Ways of the woods past times lost No book can tell at any cost The swing of an axe tapping of trees Go get lost and maybe you’ll see Chorus
Bags 05:52
Bags Written By: Leon Elam Ridin’ the rails, don’t mind if we’re on time I’m traveling alone with my bags under my eyes I came here from somewhere for something I forget Another day on the line never a moment of regret Rental cars and aereoplanes, ain’t nothing I ride that’s mine Just trying to get from here to there anyway that I can Taking off from somewhere can’t stay here anymore I don’t know where I’m going can I sleep on your floor? Old western trails, dirt roads, and scenic byways Watching the sunrise fall the stars complete the day Vagabonds and social rejects share stories of glory days gone I try to light your fire again with my banjo singing this song Ridin the rails, don’t mind if we’re on time Watching the sunrise fall the stars complete the day Ridin the rails, don’t mind if we’re on time I’m traveling alone with my bags under my eyes
Maisy Mae’s Amazing Maize Maze Written By: Tia Martini Instrumental
Bobby Jo Graham Written By: Oliver Adams I’ll tell you a story about a gambling man Smoked cigars went by Bobby Jo Graham Saw him once but his legend lives on You can’t tell if he’s here or gone Left his family for the war in ’63 Fighting for freedom against Robert E Lee If you knew Graham he did not come back the same I guess this war was much more than a game Chorus: He walked on down to that war torn church and sunk down to his knees Looked The Man right in the eye and said if someones gotta die Might as well be you and me War being over he made his way back home Only to find that everything was gone Horses left and his barn was burned down One thing had not fallen to the ground Chorus
All For Fun 03:49
All For Fun Written By: Leon Elam It was late last night we took a red eye flight Without leaving the bar we didn’t need to go that far To find that cheshire cat and his philosophers cap It twist me up and around I found you never pull me down Into the doom and gloom, you plant a seed and help it bloom Chorus: Stuck in a strange place, moving back or moving forward? Afraid to show my whole face, don’t want to have to start all over. Will you love me as much as I love you? I’m running on fumes but still singing a tune, I woke up still dreaming but by noon I was believing That our love rose above all the love we know of And carried us along while we sang our love song Around the earth and the moon and the sun. All for fun. Chorus Now tonight will become tomorrow and I’ll sing without sorrow With this drink I think clearly and certainly sincerely Invite you to join me in this dream as a team Together we’ll pass through the old looking glass where forever we’ll be, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Me. Chorus
Let's Run 03:12
Let’s Run Written By: Tia Martini Let’s run, into the west Let’s run, anywhere but here Let’s run, we’ll conquer fear one demon at a time Let’s go, bet it all today Let’s go, cash your chips and walk Let’s go, we’ll conquer fear one gamble at a time Chorus: We’ll run together, hand and hand We’ll take on harsh winds and mean lands But the fact we put one foot through that door We’re just one more step away from living this life no more Let’s climb, to the highest peak Let’s climb, never knowing the end Let’s climb, we’ll conquer fear one mountain at a time Let’s swim, unforgiving seas Let’s swim, generate new waves Let’s swim, we’ll conquer fear one ocean at a time Chorus Let’s walk, take it down now..slow it down Let’s walk, enjoy that slower stride Let’s walk, we’ll conquer fear one step at a time Let’s float, we’re finally here Let’s float, we conquered our fears Let’s float …
Goin’ With You > Drunk Written By: Bryan Schaffer > Leon Elam I like my whiskey in the morning, my coffee late at night A pretty girl who’ll love me, tell me everything’s alright I hope that she don’t leave me for doing things I shouldn’t do It don’t matter where I’m goin’ babe so long as I’m goin’ with you In the winter and the springtime, summer and the fall The pretty girl I’m loving is who matters most of all I hope that she don’t leave me for doing things i shouldn’t do It don’t matter where I’m goin’ babe So long as I’m goin’ with you I don’t steal and I don’t gamble, don’t go looking for no fight I’m as honest as I can be no I wouldn’t hurt a fly But that don’t mean that I aint guilty of doing things I shouldn’t do It don’t matter where I’m going babe so long as I’m going with you I like my whiskey in the morning, my coffee late at night A pretty girl who’ll love me, tell me everything’s alright I hope that she don’t leave me for doing things i shouldn’t do It don’t matter where I’m goin’ babe so long as I’m going with you DRUNK On the rocks in the morning, Cut with water in the day, Straight from the bottle at night I don’t care what I’m doing, Don’t care if it’s right I’m drunk morning, noon and night!
Dream Machine Written By: Oliver Adams The story goes just like you thought, corner of 12th & College Words were sung, notes were strummed, if I recall it The trip was made, some gigs were paid, back home we were headed east Then the flood stopped us quick, we knew a dream had to be made The water rose, our hopes fell luckily things were lifted It seems she flew, no one knew the wings she’d been gifted On our way, small price to pay for the times at our door The ups and downs the need for rest she’ll have you begging for more Chorus: I aint trying to relate She only knows the games she plays It takes a little warming up But my o my she can run, she can run on love First stop was her uncles kin had to respect the fallen ones Heads were turned eyes analyzed we knew that she was the one To the south, her daddy home, where the sun and moonshine To Rabbit Hash, in that southern sun, well she looked so mighty fine Chorus Well it’s 2 shots of whiskey and then those strings light up A bump or 2 of that bluegrass fuel man you can’t get enough She’ll bring you home, or stay with you behind that dirty old bar She’s beautiful, a dream machine, she’l show you what you’re looking for.


Canyon Collected - In The Woods

Oliver Adams - Guitar
Leon Elam - Banjo
Jake Heidrich - Mandolin, Harmonica
Tia Martini - ukulele

1. Mountain Towns (Adams)
2. hWhiskey (Heidrich)
3. Appalachian Grown (Adams)
4. Bags (Elam)
5. Maisy Mae’s Amazing Maize Maze (Martini)
6. Bobby Jo Graham (Adams)
7. All For Fun (Elam)
8. Let’s Run (Martini)
9. Goin’ With You > Drunk (Schaffer > Elam)
10. Dream Machine (Adams)

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Lane Gibson at Lane Gibson Studios in Charlotte, Vermont

All Songs Written And Arranged By Canyon Collected Except
Goin’ With You - Written By Bryan Schaffer

Art By Lizzy Farley
Photography By Ethan Confer


released May 25, 2016


all rights reserved



Canyon Collected Colorado

Canyon Collected is an original Colorado grass band whiskey bent on blurring genre lines and creating new music rooted in an all american cross country experience.

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